Pastor Mike On A Bike

Praying Across America map with bike

I’m Mike.
I rode my bike across America in 2020 – praying for people, communities, and our nation while traveling on two wheels.

Praying Across America

Praying Across America map with bike

Loving Jesus. Loving People. Riding a Bike.

As America is in such uncertain times, the need has never been greater to bring HOPE and the GOOD NEWS of the God who loves them to people who are in desperate need across our nation.

When 2020 took a turn, so did our ministry. Instead of traveling to hold special services for kids across the USA, our focus turned to prayer and personal evangelism and stepping through the doors that God is opening.

In 2021, we were able to resume our ministry to kids and families, but are looking forward to every opportunity to pedal and pray with people as well!

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Deadwood, SD after climbing some serious hills